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Eight Ways to Create GreatPlaces

Build on community input

Employ effective facilitation to encourage broad participation, deliver an aligned vision, and realize neighborhood plans.

Reweave the urban fabric

Create, repair, and enhance connections within existing neighborhoods.

Plan for the details

Thoughtfully integrate useful details, attention to sustainable materials and systems, and user mobility options.

Prioritize people not cars

Sidewalks, plazas, and public spaces create welcoming environments scaled for people and encourage walking and biking.

Designed to fit in

Complement existing neighborhood structure and scale.

Invite creativity

Consider all users and functions as well as beauty in the design of the space between the buildings.

Be welcoming

Activate the streetscape with a generous, mixed-use ground floor and thoughtful public realm which give a sense of energy and welcome to people of all walks of life.

Cultivate connection

Build a strong connection to people and place by invigorating common spaces, creating spots to meet and gather, and supporting access to transport.